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Esponsive design —which has the ability to adapt to the screen size of the user’s device— is essential, especially with the growing use of mobile Internet in the world. To illustrate this, the cell phone is already the main means of Internet access in many countries around the world.

Because of such relevancy, Google search already considers the pages’ mobile-friendliness as one of its search engine ranking factors .

Therefore, make sure you value the freedom of your visitors and always offer a pleasant experience regardless of whether they prefer to visit your website from a desktop computer or another device.

4. Use of images

The visual appeal of a website is crucial to creating a connection between the visitor and the brand. In this sense, images are important allies to improve the appearance and complement the text content present on the page.

It turns out that search engines (yet) are not able to Russia Phone Number interpret what is in the images. For this reason, in terms of SEO, you should include a description with the images you decide to add . To do this, simply insert an ‘alt text’, using the alt text attribute .

Unfortunately, this is not the only concern to have with images. As we will see below, they are usually the source of many errors that make SEO difficult.

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What web design mistakes affect SEO the most?

After knowing the benefits of combining both elements and understanding the pillars of this combination, discover the 10 web design mistakes that can ruin your brand’s position in search rankings.

1. Forget to compress images

Quality images are undoubtedly an important part of good design. However, if they have a very high resolution, they can affect the loading speed of your site .

The user will hardly have the patience to wait for a page to open if it takes more than a few seconds, even more so if accessed from a mobile device. Therefore, for Google, the loading speed of a site is a ranking factor.

Therefore, it is important to pay attention to the size (in terms of dimensions and megabytes) of your images so that it does not slow down your web pages. Always try to use an image compression tool before adding them to the website.

Take a look at TinyPNG . In this example, you were able to compress an image by 75%!

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