Research About Lucidity. What the I Guess Teens About Referendum

These days, the Romanian society is going through changes that will define it for the near and even distant future. In all this, although each of us has Denmark WhatsApp Number the best intentions. We forget exactly those we think we want to protect and build their future, our children. Matei Manță Matei Manță, 10th grade. Grigore Moisil National College, Bucharest A lesson in lucidity in the frenzy of the last days. Comes from a 16-year-old teenager. Matei Manță, on his behalf.

Why a Survey of Teenagers?

Noticed how those around him (adults, with the right to vote) have different opinions and, thus, decided to find out by his own means what is the opinion of his peers (minors, without the right to vote) about the referendum that split society. As a research agency, we liked Matei’s initiative to use research as a means of consultation and information. We decided not only to congratulate him on his unique approach, but also to carry on the results of his efforts, because only by encouraging enthusiastic initiatives can we build a future for all. Why a survey of teenagers?

Questionnaire Design and Data Collection

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Matei started from the argument of the referendum that wants to “defend the children of Romania” and felt targeted by this approach, but without having a decisive word, because he and his colleagues still do not have the right to vote. Thus, at the suggestion of a colleague (Ioana), she launched a survey to find out what teenagers who do not have the right to vote, but who are able to form their own opinions about a topic that will influence their future, think about the referendum. Here is what Matthew says, in his own words, about how he came up with the idea.

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