Remindr: to Remember Your Events

There are many methods to remember an important event : post-its scattered around your home on the agenda through emails to yourself or the famous handkerchief knots. Yet forgetting is human. Birthday, information to convey, any evening or important file to return, we all go t Chile B2B List it once in a while. RemindR offers you a complete solution to call you to order. In a few clicks and without registration, you have the possibility of programming an automatic reminder.

Post-its Scattered Around

The latter can be done via 4 different means: by email , by text message , by instant messaging and through Twitter . On the date of your choice, the site will send you the previously registered message. No more excuses if you forget an event!After the virtual office , here is the virtual makeover. I hope André won’t be too angry with me. Do you want to present yourself in your best light at a job interview? Are you lacking Chile B2B List for your next haircut ? You may not have to spend hours leafing through magazines to finally adopt the “Brad Pitt style” cut which turns out to be catastrophic in the end.

Best Light at a Job Interview

Chile B2B List
Chile B2B List

The Japanese site Hairtry invites you to try a new haircut virtually. Upload your photo, it will automatically be converted to 3D. All you have to do is choose the hairstyle of your choice from those offered. some glassesare also present. The results are very successful, you can adjust everything for Chile B2B List. We only regret the lack of choice offered, and especially the fact that the site is intended only for men. The service being in Japanese, it is better to watch this video presentation before trying. Are you also hesitant to grow a mustache ? that’s good, Franck presented this morning the service you need. You can try all kinds of favorites thanks to the Australian event site of a famous razor brand. Watch out for fake mustaches though !

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