How to Relaunch Your Email Marketing Post-Shutdown

Covid had a big impact on sending emails in 2020 and as businesses adjust to consumer changes post-vaccine rollout in 2021, it’s important to take a moment and assess your email marketing strategy. 

As your trusted email service provider, the deliverability of your emails and protecting your (and our) sender reputation is top priority for us! We’ve listed some key factors to consider before sending your next email.

Permission to send emails is not evergreen

Permission to send emails can expire quickly Norway WhatsApp Number List as people forget where and how they signed up to your email list. This is especially true if you haven’t been in regular email contact with your subscribers in the last 12 months. People who shopped, dined, interacted with you 1-5 years ago are unlikely to remember who you are, how you collected their email address, and will wonder why they’re suddenly receiving your emails.

Sending emails to an unengaged list with many inactive addresses will cause engagement and delivery issues like low open rates, high bounce and unsubscribe rates, and potentially high spam complaint rates.

Audit and segment your database by subscriber activity

With powerful segmentation, easily create customized journeys for your subscribers.

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  • Your most engaged subscribers who have opened an email or clicked a link in the last 12 months
  • Your most recent subscribers who have opted in for your emails in the last 12 months  Best database provider | Whatsapp number lists
  • Contacts with online activity in the last 12 months, such as online purchases, website visits, account activity, active paid subscriptions
  • Your most inactive and unengaged subscribers who do not meet the above criteria for the last 12 months

You also risk emailing spam traps and landing on an anti-spam blocklist.

Ramping-up emails to your full list

Your sender reputation is tied to your sending domain — which is everything after the in your From email address. Depending on when you last emailed your full list and the size of your list. You may need to slowly train mailbox providers that your emails are legitimate and your subscribers want to receive them.

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