Regarding Technology, What Malta Phone Number

For example, Community Managers are set goals related to reach, engagement and the type of content they make; goals are set for the webmaster based on projects; and me personally, who is in charge of the advertising part, of all the purchase of digital media and management of advertising campaigns, goals are set for me based on leads. engagement , scope and the CPC and CPM of each thing is taken into account.

In agreement. So let’s talk a little

about your daily routine. What would you say is the top 3 of the things that most occupy your time?

What takes up the most of my time per day would be Malta Phone Number the optimization of advertising campaigns in different media such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Spotify, Facebook, Google Ads. This takes me, I’d say about 40% of my day. Another 10% goes to reviewing the content that is going to be published and the rest goes to monitoring the projects of each thing.

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Why do you focus on those three things

in particular? Why are they a priority?

[In the case of] ad optimization, given the experience I have, I’m the

person best qualified to do it and it’s one of my main roles

because of the relationship I have with the brand specialists at the university. Seeing the needs of each race, we see what kind of campaigns we do.

The revision of contents, now it is a basic, a day to day for the digital communication of all people, call it educational, call it a public or commercial figure. Your content has to be of quality so that you can make a link with your target audience.

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