Turning an Idea Into a Purposeful Mission

This article is part of a larger series that focuses on diversity and equity in marketing. Through the amplification of Black and racially diverse authors. As a company, we are committed to identifying actions. We can take in the fight against racism and injustice. In addition, and elevating BBIPOC voices is paramount to inspiring change. Follow along and read other posts in this series here.

This post is authored by Kerel Cooper, Senior Vice President of Global Marketing at LiveIntent.

The fights for racial equality of 2020 have been a catalyst for companies and organizations to rethink their diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) efforts. Across the board, companies and organizations are thinking about UAE WhatsApp Number List how they recruit and develop more diverse talent and how to instill DEI efforts into their everyday way of life. 

And while the conversations and efforts are great, there is still a very long way to go.

These efforts and impact must be sustainable over a long period of time or they are for naught. Regardless of your race, gender, sexual orientation and background, we all have a part to play.

Plan ther path

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Back in April of 2018, my friend Erik Requidan called me up one evening and said that he had an idea. The idea was to create a platform for diverse voices within advertising technology to tell their personal stories and journey. Erik came up with the idea as a response to the widely held feeling of exhaustion that comes from going to industry conferences and events and seeing only a few of “us” in the room and even less on stage.

Erik’s idea was fuel by his desire for change and I love it. He asked me to join him, to which I responded with an emphatic yes! After a few brainstorming sessions, Erik’s idea turned into the Minority Report Podcast, which we launched in May 2018.

Our purposeful mission

Over the past 2½ years, the Minority Report Podcast has evolved into a platform that highlights people of color, women & LGBTQ+ communities within business, media and technology as we tap into their experience and subject matter expertise. To date, we have recorded 65+ episodes featuring a wide range of diverse individuals.

Our discussions dive into family background & upbringing, career journey, career advice, how they’ve dealt with discrimination, ideas for improving DEI, and insights into how they see the world through their unique lens. Best database provider | Whatsapp number lists

Of course, we also delve into business models and the ecosystem in. In addition, which their businesses thrive, and how their experience informs their leadership.

We know this podcast is having a positive impact on the industry. Here is a great text I received from a former guest of the podcast: ”[I] wanted to say thank you for what you guys did with the Minority Report Podcast. Whatever ppl and companies are trying to recognize ‘diversity and inclusion’, you guys were already at the forefront, shining a light on [DEI efforts] a couple years back.”

Erik and I like to say that we’ve created one of the largest collections of stories. In addition, from diverse individuals in the world of business, media, and technology. But even more importantly, these stories live on as a catalogue for the next generation of leaders to reference.

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