Protect a Photo Against Plagiarism and Copying

One of the strengths of the web is the ease of retrieval of its content. Copy/paste, site vacuum cleaner, RSS feeds… So many ways to retrieve data from a site. The problem lies in the use made of the information made available. Plagiarism of texts , recovery of its RSS feed by an unscrupulous site, Argentina B2B List without mentioning the source … So many problems that a blogger can regularly face. When it comes to photos, it’s pretty simple to guard against copying . It is indeed possible to add a watermark , in other words a discreet but visible signature, as a signature of your paternity. A tool suitable for graphic designers and photographers wishing protect their works . Here are three watermark generators , take your pick! Watermark tool This is the youngest who is talking a lot about him at the moment.

The Web Is the Ease of Retrieval

Upload your image(s) (there doesn’t seem to be any limitation), you Argentina B2B List have the choice between 7 different fonts. Choose your text, its size, its color, its transparency rate, its position… And validate to obtain your modified image. Here is an example rendering: moderator The Watermarkertool website PicMarkr The principle stays the same. You can tag up to 5 photos simultaneously. The little extra: you can change the size of your images by uploading them. The site is FlickR-friendly with connections for those who have a pro account: you can directly replace the photos in your account with their watermarked version.

You Will Then Have the Choice

Argentina B2B List
Argentina B2B List

You have the choice between several markings: text, an image (your logo for example) or repeated text everywhere on the photo. Very complete, this site is easy to use. Here is an Argentina B2B List rendering: moderator2 PicMarkr website SignGenerator Attention, this site does not allow you to upload your photos from your computer. You will need to enter their URLs, so have previously hosted them on your blog (or elsewhere). The rendering is rather successful. Few customization options are offered other than font size and text placement.

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