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he presentation about the Romanian products started. The discussions with the other panelists: Liviu Ungureanu ( Dacia Plant ). Alexandru Rusu ( Doraly ), Valer Hancas ( Kaufland ), Adina Craciunescu ( Diana Supermarket ), Catalin Samara ( Carrefour ), Cornel Caramizaru ( Friesland Campina ) and Mihai Bonca ( Brand Architects ). corina-cimpoca-retail-arena-2018 Why a study on Croatia WhatsApp Number Romanian products? The Preference for Romanian Products study comes in the context of the Centenary year , an opportunity for Romanian entrepreneurs to reflect on the changes of the last 100 years.

Why a Study on Romanian Products?

MKOR Consulting aims to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Romania as it knows best. Through a study that will put Romanian products in the spotlight . Results of the study “Preference for Romanian Products. According to Corina’s presentation. 82% of Romanians buy consumer products at least once a week. Spending on average 1010 lei per month for food, personal care and cleaning. 82% of Romanians buy weekly The figure is also confirmed by the data of the National Institute of Statistics. Then  According to official statistics, in the second quarter of 2018, the total consumption expenditures of a household amounted to 2187 lei. Of which approximately 46% represent expenditures on consumer goods. What types of Romanian products do consumers prefer?

Results of the Study “Preference for Romanian Products”

Croatia WhatsApp Number
Croatia WhatsApp Number

96% of consumers include Romanian food, cleaning and personal care products in their basket . Thus, at the end of a normal month, approximately 81% of all food products and over 40% of the personal care and cleaning items that Romanians buy are produced in Romania. Moreover, when they are in front of the shelf, 51% of Romanians frequently choose Romanian products , instead of imported ones, and 29% are especially looking for stores that include in their offer “Made in Romania” products . Fresh, perishable Romanian products, such as dairy products.

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