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The thumbnail images of the videos can help you better visualize your content. Why? Because the same YouTube channel offers you to put between 3 thumbnail images, so that they are the face of your video, in this way you will be able to locate images that are interesting and striking.

When you go to choose them, you must bear in mind that the recommended measurements are 1280px by 740px and it goes without saying that the images must be saved in the following formats. (JPG, GIF, BMP or PNG less than 2 MB).

Finally… world of marketing

If you are immersed in the  and you were looking for the Luxembourg Phone Number best way to upload videos online, then in this article you will find some key tips to do so.

Follow these recommendations, and create audiovisual content that is relevant and that the user can easily find you.

Now surprise the world with your audiovisual ideas and flood the web with your content so that everyone can see them.

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Finally, remember that choosing keywords for YouTube has a lot to do with good SEO practices, so I invite you to learn more about it by downloading the most complete Guide on the subject below:

Currently, he is at the Autonomous

University of Guadalajara as Head of Digital Marketing. There he works as the leader of a group of digital communication professionals. He has spent approximately 5 years dedicating himself to Digital Marketing oriented to the production of social

media content in different advertising agencies and companies in Jalisco.

Today, in the Digital Marketing Department of the Autonomous

University of Guadalajara, he supervises around 40 accounts in

different digital media and runs around 60 digital campaigns at the same time. Among its most important

functions is the optimization in the purchase of digital media,

as well as the supervision of content for digital media.

Her academic training is a Bachelor of Communication Sciences

from the ITESM Campus Guadalajara, and she is currently a student of the Specialty in Advertising at the UAG; In addition, she has been a speaker and student in

various refresher courses on digital marketing.

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