Play With Images: Create a Puzzle and Edit Your Photos

I offer you a themed ticket to start the weekend off right. If there is one area that Internet services exploit, it is undoubtedly that of images and photos . There’s something for everyone: retouching, generators, games … Here are two services that show you the extent of the possibilities. The first will allow you to create your puzzles . The second offers a full range of funny edits for your photos. Whether it’s to Cyprus B2B List a post or just to have a good time, I hope you find them the usefulness they deserve. Pic2puz Edit: the service no longer works, we leave the article for informational purposes. Pic2puz offers you to generate a puzzle from one of your photos . Just choose the image you want to use. The latter must have a minimum size of 300*300 pixel.

Ticket to Start the Weekend

The site takes care of putting the image back to the right size. The puzzle is ready in one click It’s up to you! Here is an example with a screenshot of Dom’s excellent blog. The advantage compared to Jigsaw Planet is of course the possibility of placing it on its blog. Pizap Pizap allows you to Cyprus B2B List photos very easily with just a few clicks. Please note, we are not talking about Photoshop retouching, but about adding emoticons, symbols, text bubbles or even fake noses and dozens of other stickers. Difficult to make more intuitive, everything is manipulated by drag & drop . The results can be funny or kitsch, it depends. The number of possibilities is quite impressive. You can even add effects. To test ! This is the best service of its kind that I have seen so far. avatarurfooz JPGUrfooz,:

The Site Takes Care of Putting

Cyprus B2B List
Cyprus B2B List

This site is not only an avatar aggregator, it is also a social network. But nothing obliges you to register to create your avatar. By uploading one of your photos, it will customize your character. avatarweemee.JPGWee: This site will help you create avatars that are originally made for playing weeworld. But you can save them and use them on all networks. The site makes it easy for you to export your avatar. Cyprus B2B List .JPGAnime-Face-Maker: A manga version, everything is customizable and the choice is quite impressive!  Cartoonerie : Create your animated avatar. Regarding the sources, difficult to finish this post without redirecting you to HongKiat . The site offers two or three generators more than those present in this list (but a dozen less) The list is obviously far from being exhaustive, I think that a post 100+ sites to create your avatar could exist… But a avatar is enough, right?

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