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Here, we want to provide you with the most basic basics for writing powerful blog posts. lways talk to one target audience: you should know who is reading your posts or buying your products. write for them.Short and clear: 400 – 1,000 words is the average length of a good blog post. If you want to say more, divide your post into sections.Post interesting and useful information. Make sure your post is a complete idea.Don’t boast. It’s better not to write that your company is great. Post concrete content with examples to build trust with your followers .Craft a catchy headline and introduction to attract people and motivate them to read your article right away.lways strike a balance between SEO and quality content: Never overwhelm your readers with keywords.Use a call to action: Your blog post should take readers to the next step.  

The Good Thing Is


After completing the previous steps, you need to choose your preferred type of blogging platform. You have two options to start your blog: free and self-hosted platforms. In our opinion, a self-hosted platform is a better solution. Free platforms offer free accounts to their users. Once you get an unpaid subdomain, you can quickly create your own site. However, you cannot access files hosted on the selected platform servers. 

That You Can Manage Your

There’s one big downside: the platform doesn’t give you the opportunity to realize your ideas. Their limitations interfere with your work and don’t allow you to fully realize your intentions. For example, advertising on your blog may be restricted. Also, they even have the right to place their own ads. If you are determined to start your blog successfully, this platform is not for you.This option gives you your own web hosting space. You also have the opportunity to use your blog name.  


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