PLANTASIA, the first 4Graph magazine, is born

Plantasia is a concept magazine conceived and created by the affordable and sustainable italian typography 4graph. It which explores the plant world from a visual and pop point of view, through illustrations, photographs, stories and notions. In addition to being beautiful and sustainable it is also a great example of the incredible print quality of our magazine tabloid product in very high definition. Do you want a free hard copy of plantasia sign up for our newsletter and well send it to your home. An all green magazine plantasia favors the strong and vast aesthetic imagery that only plants can provide, to finalize a product that has a very high visual thickness capable of enhancing the print quality.


Experiencing Surprising Success

However, the topics and topics addressed do not neglect the photo retouching service quality of the contents , designed to be able to entertain those who browse it, in line with the numerous researches and innovations coming for example from botany or plant neurobiology, which in recent years have intercepted an interest unanimous and intergenerational . The illustrative style that we have decided to use is a style with clear and decisive lines and bright colors. The multitude of colors allows us to enhance the 4graph print quality in the best possible way . In addition, the pop graphic style manages to create a detachment from the various other photographic and textual content while remaining consistent thanks to the choice of a unique palette for the entire magazine.

photo retouching service

Their Aesthetics and Complexity

Plantasias arguments a field research starting from three UAB Directory places the moorish greenhouse of villa torlonia , the botanical garden and the japanese garden . Garden architecture has always been After that, a concept that goes hand in hand with the concept of beauty itself. In this editorial we immortalize some glimpses of the most beautiful gardens in rome, analyzing the design of the garden and the soul of the plants that compose it. A global map of the oldest trees on earth. The stories and events of the socalled individual trees or trees so peculiar as to be as unique as individuals.

Monumental trees, millenary histories, trees isolated for hundreds of kilometers from other forms of life. In this illustrated map we locate and tell their stories. Following the tradition of the herbarium, we collect the main domestic or office plants, illustrating their species, characteristics, life cycle, watering frequency, quantity of light.

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