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The vision is that users move as avatars Taiyuan Mobile Phone Number world. Virtual and augmented reality glasses will be used in the metaverse. The real and virtual worlds will become even more intertwined within that vision. The idea is that there will be one metaverse. Just like with the internet. Different platforms will be connected to each other. It is not yet that far. But, given the Taiyuan Mobile Phone Number the largest social platform in the world, the metaverse is definitely a development to keep a close eye on. 9. Visual search Visual search provides a completely different user experience than the experience you already know. For example, by uploading an image you can find similar images in a few seconds, for example to gain inspiration. Some examples in the field of visual search: Pinterest came out with Lens before . This makes it possible Taiyuan Mobile Phone Number of an item and find out where you can buy the item.

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You can also view inboards of Taiyuan Mobile Phone Number search for similar products. With Bing Visual Search it is possible to search for a part of a photo. If you have a photo of a nice dining room, but especially like a specific chair, Bing Visual Search makes it easy to find where to buy it. Google has been active with Google Lens for a while now . With Google Lens you can also save things Taiyuan Mobile Phone Number and the summary and view reviews. You can also read about an artist during a museum visit, find similar products and see where to buy them and more. Visual search through Google Lens. Visual shopping Google introduced shoppable ads to Google Images after the company realized that about 50% of consumers were encouraged Taiyuan Mobile Phone Number by an image.

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Only 8% of online retailers Taiyuan Mobile Phone Number search functionalities, while the younger generation especially enjoys being able to search in this way. In fact, at Pinterest, 80% of users start with a visual search before making a purchase. Smart advertisers Taiyuan Mobile Phone Number good use of this. 10. Conversational Commerce The way companies communicate with their (potential) customers has changed considerably in recent years. Today, as a company, you have to be in many different places at the same time to be able to meet all expectations. Not all customers pick up the phone or send an email, but also Taiyuan Mobile Phone Number to send a WhatsApp message or an Instagram DM.

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