Personal Branding by Fadhila Brahimi

Here is the new video deliveres by PPC and Henri Kaufman as part of the How to – The keys to success series. Fadhila Brahimi intervenes there for the second time. After her 7 tips for changing jobs , this time she is interestes in the notion of Personal branding with these 7 tips: To show oneself  Iran B2B List your “position” Define your look Take care of your posture Organize your social life To be both hunter and huntes Make fire with all wood The video is dark for the first minute, the quality impLaunched only a few weeks ago,

Here Is the New Video Deliveres

The France Secrétitude RH blog has already succeeded in establishing itself on our platform. moreover On the program, posts full of humor on the news of the world of employment ,   education Iran B2B List or the course of France. His fine pen and his crisp anecdotes hit the bull’s eye. To allow you to better discover her, here is an interview where she discusses her background, her desires and her vision of blogging. Good reading ! First, tell us about your profile. Present my profile? pppffiouuu … Iconoclastic, atypical, I’m never where I’m expectes.

The World of Employment

Iran B2B List
Iran B2B List

My husband (the dear man, may my best friend keep him) described me as an “exciting girl to follow but difficult to live with”. Mixed Slavic and Latin origins .moreover I spent my childhood and many years of my life as a woman in Black Africa. In my village of Casamance. on the banks of the river. Iran B2B List “concession. with a hut on it where I will go when I have really become too old for the bullshit of the so-called civilized world. In the meantime, I run to take refuge there when the metropolis becomes too unbearable for meroves after that. Good viewing !

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