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But if your content is very serious or your  these games, you can opt for smaller icons. The Icon Finder can be a good option to find them.

5. Objective

Of course, your thumbnail must match the content of the video. Otherwise, the user will abandon it at some point.

And you don’t want this to happen, since it represents an increase in the Community Guidelines.

That is, your video may receive an age restriction if it contains sexual, violent or explicit content. Furthermore, it is even possible to be removed from the platform. In cases of recurrence, you can lose the channel.

From now on, you have it in your hands. Use the image editor you want.

The most suitable is Adobe Photoshop. In addition,

How to add a thumbnail in my video?

You will need a verified account to send custom Egypt Phone Number thumbnails to your videos. For that, you will only have to confirm to YouTube that you are not a robot through an automated voice or text message.

Once you do that, inserting thumbnails into videos is very simple. You just have to follow the following steps:

Egypt Mobile Number

Step 1: Sign in to Google and sign in to YouTube.

Step 2: Click on the channel photo in the top right corner and select “Creation Studio”. Or just type in your browser.

Step 3: Select the video and click “Edit”.

Step 4: Next to the preview screen, click on “Custom Thumbnail”.

Step 5: Upload your image.

Step 6: Click “Save Changes”.

It is not necessary to perform this operation every time you want to insert your thumbnail. For simplicity, at the end of each video upload, you can select the “Custom Thumbnail” option.

Certainly, by following these practical tips, you will succeed in creating your thumbnails and optimize the views on your YouTube channel.

And if you want to keep your videos at the top of the searches of users of the social network, also discover how to choose the best keywords for SEO in videos .

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