People Doubting That South Korea is Called the Lithuania Phone Number

Therefore, “Wan Qing Yuan” is not only the Sun. Yat-sen Memorial Hall in Singapore in nature, but also the authentic. Former residence of the founding father. And the location of the Singapore branch of the Alliance. The governments on both sides of . The Taiwan Strait regard themselves as students. Of Sun Yat-sen, so the successive ambassadors of the People’s. Republic of China in Singapore and representatives of.  Taipei in Singapore have to go to. The “Wan Qing Yuan” to visit the pier first. Even when the Koo. Wang talks held in 1993. Both cross-strait negotiators Koo Zhenfu and Wang Daohan. Came here to pay tribute to the founding father.

However the real

Protagonist of .Wan Qing Yuan is not the father of the nation. Dr. Sun Yat-sen. But Wu Zhang Yongfu (1872-1957). Zhang Yongfu. A Singapore-born rubber businessman. Bought the Victorian building, Lithuania Phone Number formerly known as. Ming Zhen Lu, from businessman Lim Ya Xiang in 1905. The purpose was to allow his mother.  Chen Bao Niang to enjoy her old age and renamed it as. Night Sunny Garden. Zhang Yongfu was originally a reformist. Who reformed the Manchu Qing government within. The system but he later accepted Sun Yat-sen’s call to become a “revolutionary”.

He not only gave

Up his mother’s villa to Sun Yat-sen, but also founded the “Zhongxing Daily” to promote the revolution, and became close friends with Sun Yat-sen’s right-hand man such as Wang Jingwei and Hu Hanmin. Until it was forcibly closed by the British colonial government in 1957, Zhongxing Daily was a clear-cut supporter of the Chinese Kuomintang. After the Tongmenghui was transformed into the Kuomintang, Zhang Yongfu’s party card number was 003, which means the third Kuomintang member in history, which shows that his status in the 1911 Revolution was irreplaceable.


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Zhang Yongfu, whose ancestral home is in Raoping, Guangdong, did not choose to stand with the Communist Party after the purge of the Party in 1927, as Sun Yat-sen’s wife Soong Ching Ling did. Zhang Yongfu once raised his voice and advocated that the conservative forces in the Nanyang Kuomintang and the British colonial rulers should join forces to fight against the leftist forces in the party, which would later become the “Malaysian Communist Party”. However, because of his belief in revolutionary ideas such as “expel the Tartars and restore China”, Zhang Yongfu was never trusted by the British colonial authorities, and was even humiliated in every possible way, believing that he was a “two-headed snake” who wandered between China and Britain to seek benefits.

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