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The first thing you need to know is that YouTube is also a search engine, just like Google.

That is, YouTube has an algorithm to position the most important videos and bring higher quality to the user.

A thumbnail is a fundamental element for the Internet user’s choice.

Therefore, she will help you receive more clicks, views, likes, comments, shares, and all the other viral effects that come from engagement.

Plus, it’s a great way to include additional information about your content and grab your audience’s attention.

Next, you will know what are the essential components for a good thumbnail:

Text is one of the most important elements of a thumbnail.

He can, for example, synthesize the topic that will be treated, complementing the title. It can also be created in numbers, indicating that the video is part of a series.

It is important not to exaggerate the number of Ecuador Phone Number characters, since it is a thumbnail. The indicated thing is to use short expressions, from one to five words.

As an essential part of your branding strategy, always use the same color, font and text size in the written content of your thumbnail.

Also make it fit your person . If your channel is humorous, use funny fonts. If it’s educational, try to create a serious atmosphere.

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And don’t forget : people need to identify your channel right away. Therefore, it is also important to maintain originality.

As you have seen in our Kindergarten

example, colors have a great impact when it comes to branding.

They can also highlight and mask elements, depending on their degree of importance. As in the texts, there is a hierarchy of information for the user.

In this aspect, the strategies are based on the same concepts of images for conversion.

Here is a very interesting article on the Psychology of Colors, if you want to delve deeper into the subject.

3. Image

Another important element in a thumbnail is the images. A tip: include a moment captured from the video.

If the content has the presentation format, put the most important slide (or something that summarizes the video). In the case of videos where there is a presenter, how about putting an interesting photo of the person?

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