On The Disney Side, Its Strong

“The Crown”, the historical series about the reign of Queen Elizabeth II. price and quality However, analysts understand that everything will come down to who can offer the best content at the lowest price , since there is no money left over in ASEAN countries, beyond the increase in GDP. It will be the only way to ensure long-term growth sustainability. There is not much information to know how each company is doing in recent months. Although a May 2021 report from Media Partners Asia says that Disney Plus has the largest market share of new paying subscribers in the region, at 42 percent in the first quarter. Netflix had 9.1 percent. There are other Asian content players, but they are losing to the giants. These are Viu, a Korean entertainment provider, Thailand’s AIS Play WeTV from Chinese tech giant Tencent , and iQIYI, also a Chinese platform.

For brands, sponsors and advertisers, influencers are a viable option to get good numbers in their advertising campaigns, but the fact that they are susceptible to legal problems has made them rethink how effective they really are or how effective they really are. how recommendable it is to take them into account for your advertising attempts. Influencers in Mexico and the world are constantly controversial, in the case of our country, it is worrying that some cases have escalated to legal instances. The most recent problem is based on a content generator known as YosStop, in which even local authorities such as the head of government have already interfered.

Yos’s Mother, Who Is Accused

Of sharing intimate content of a minor, has requested Argentina phone numbers from various instances and seems to have already found someone to support her request. The international trend of signing influencers to carry out advertising ventures is a trend that is currently very current, perhaps motivated by the level of identification with the audiences that they are capable of generating, or because they find in their popularity a key to approach the potential consumer with the products they want to promote. However, being based on the engagement they generate, there is a point that is beyond their control and that has put brands in check more than once, and that is the actions and the type of content they share on their social platforms. to gain even more fame.

Argentina phone numbers

This is the context that shelters the most controversial case that is on everyone’s lips in recent days. With the foregoing, the door is not only opened so that the person involved could. If found guilty, serve her legal punishment outside the facilities of Santa Martha Acatitla, criminal in which he is currently. But goes further and scales up to question the scope of justice for these media figures. The seriousness of the crimes and the way in which they should be punished. An exchange of ideas that is still too young to get an answer, but that anticipates the topics. Of discussion that influencers may bring up in the not too distant future.

Local Authorities Talk

About the case of influencer YosStop Speaking about the YosStop case. The head of the CDMX government, Claudia Sheinbaum, hinted that the youtuber could pay for her crime. In a way that does not imply her imprisonment. “Jail is not necessarily the only way out,” she said. But perhaps that is getting too far ahead of time… or not, since Claudia Sheinbaum reported that she asked the CDMX prosecutor. Ernestina Godoy, to personally receive the mother of Yoseline Hoffman. Better known as YosStop , who is in preventive detention. Accused of child pornography, in the description mode. “I asked the prosecutor that she could receive the mother (…).

Of the capital government for whom, apparently, the important thing. Is that The sexual aggressors of the minor are punish more rigorously. While the youtuber YosStop has other different options to pay her responsibility. “I believe that, in general, the issue of doing justice has to be something that we should all reflect on. On this particular issue, it seems to me that the Prosecutor’s Office has to deal. With the issue of the aggressors and the accusatory penal. System itself has different elements that allow prison not to be the only way out.”

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