Offer Good Payment Options South Africa Phone Number

The more payment options you offer, the larger the group of people who may be interested in the product. Imagine that  person  who does not like to register their credit card for online purchases, or another person who has not yet acquired this means of payment.

Restricting payment via credit card, in this case, means the loss of a group of clients that can be very valuable. Therefore, calmly study the feasibility of offering as many forms of payment as possible, in addition to conditions such as  installments without interest on credit.

7. Offer free shipping

Small sales strategies are capable of increasing the interest of customers, taking them to the big moment of purchase. A well-known example is offering products for 19 pesos, instead of rounding the value: MX$39.90 pesos instead of MX$40.00 pesos, for example.

Another action that adds value is free shipping. We South Africa Phone Number can see it as  one of the biggest purchase motivators in ecommerces .

Consider the following situation: a merchant sells a

product that is not very different from its competitors. The average is MX$150.00 pesos and the prices range from MX$140.00 pesos to MX$170.00 pesos. Since you can’t compete much on price,  investing in “support” strategies,

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such as free shipping, is presented as a great ally.

Even if your product is one of the most expensive, the chance that the reader will be delighted and agree to pay the price due to the shipping discount is very high. This is because, in addition to saving money, ads with this stamp attract more attention and arouse more curiosity than others.

8. Correctly fill in the technical sheet

If you are looking to know how to sell on MercadoLibre, it is worth paying attention to this information: there are almost three thousand product categories on the platform! Therefore, it is necessary to correctly complete the technical sheet and register the category without errors.

The traditional example is bedding. Think of a four-piece set: is it for a twin, single, queen, or king bed? If it’s a running shoe, is it a men’s, women’s, unisex, or kids’ shoe?

Small details make the difference. This is because  many customers browse through filters and go directly to what they are looking for . If you don’t register correctly, you can lose these people, who are extremely qualified leads: they already know what they want and go directly to the source of the answer.

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