Of What The To Use Native Advertising? Tips Practice.

Have you tried to promote your business through different methods, but your message does not reach customers and potential consumers? Find out that you can use a tool that is easily accepted. Even sought after by consumers: Native Advertising . Find out how this tool China WhatsApp Number works and how to use it to get measurable results! What is Native Advertising? Native Advertising is a concept launched in 2012 by Dan Greenberg. CEO of Sharethrough , which attracted. Everyone’s attention with its simplicity and novelty.

What Is Native Advertising?

Native Advertising is a less invasive type of promotion . reaction Native means natural, natural. Therefore, natural advertising refers to the coherence between the advertising. Message and the other content elements. In the context in which it is transmitted. So, using Native Advertising , your advertising message will take a similar form to the context. Why native integrated advertising? According to Shareaholic , 70% of consumers want to know about products from the content of the materials they read or watch, rather than through traditional media. Moreover, people pay 53% more attention to natively promoted materials , as opposed to banner advertising.

Why Native Integrated Advertising?

China WhatsApp Number
China WhatsApp Number

Of these, how many buy the Friskies brand now? Only the sales department knows the answer, but what we know, as marketers, is that these people have created an emotional connection. our target audience has more confidence in your message. If you have decided to use this type of promotion, you will need to consider a few things. With these rules you will be able to create content that brings you the desired results.

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