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This is how Apple manages to position itself at number one for the second year in a row . 2. Alphabet / Google This multinational company has as a subsidiary another of the technological monsters, Google. It is in charge of developing technology, products and services that have to do with the internet and software developer. That is why it ranks number 2. 3. Amazon Amazon, like other chains that are dedicated to e-commerce, had enormous growth during the pandemic, as it was a great purchase and sale option for all those who did not want to leave home so as not to risk going to a commercial store. Thus, Amazon became a reliable and very important distributor to continue with the economy, having to innovate new market strategies in order to meet user expectations, and for this reason it occupies the third place in the ranking.

Microsoft Microsoft is one of those companies that are always immersed in our daily lives and that is constantly changing and innovating, from its updates, technologies and software, so it is not difficult to imagine why it is ranked number four in the Boston Consulting ranking Group (BCG). 5.Tesla The company of billionaire Elon Musk is not only constantly innovating in terms of luxury car technology, but has also ventured into space travel, with which it has placed satellites for its new satellite internet business, a technique that sure will change the communications. In addition to presenting proposals to start with space tourism.

Tesla Is One Of The Most

promising companies and it will surely be worth Switzerland phone number and more every year. Now you know they are the most innovative companies in the world, did you imagine it? Who would you include? Maybe you might be interested: The 10 most innovative brands of 2021: Apple leads Pfizer would consolidate innovative position with anticovid pill in 2021 Meet the most innovative cars that will change the future The most expensive series in Netflix history Millions of dollars are awarded to Netflix mega productions Netflix is ​​one of the main audiovisual content platforms in the world; what began as a simple catalog where to watch movies and series, quickly began to create its own productions and invest more and more money and it has not been in vain as its series have been awarded prizes such as the BAFTAs.

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Such is the case of “The Crown” that this 2021 alone was nominated in 15 categories. Today we will analyze the most expensive productions in the history of Netflix, of which you have surely seen the majority. Narcos (2015) Narcos is a Netflix series that tells us the story of the famous Colombian drug trafficker Pablo Escobar, and is play by the actor Wagner Moura. It consists of three seasons and such was its success that the series “Narcos: Mexico” was even launch. It is an impeccable series not only in terms of script and performances, but also the setting, costume design and set design, which are set during the 1970s to the 1990s, and that is why the budget allocate was so large, with a total value of 25 million dollars, that is, 2.5 million per episode.

Is The New Black

This series is special for being one of the first original stories that Netflix created. It has seven seasons and 91 chapters and tells us the story of a group of inmates and their experiences in prison. The famous series gained great popularity on the platform and each season cost 4 million dollars per episode. However, the price is worth it as it has been multi-award at various film and television festivals. Image: Orange is The New Black, Netflix/ promo House of Cards. The controversial series House of Cards is one of the jewels of Netflix. And has one of the best-known figures in Hollywood.  And who was later involve in a series of scandals, Kevin Spacey . The series cost $4.5 million per episode and has garnered 33 Emmy nominations. Kevin Spacey as Frank Underwood in ‘House of Cards’.

Image: Netflix / Disclosure Image: Netflix / Disclosure Bridgerton (2020) Bridgerton is one. Of the new Netflix releases that immediately gained interest among users. It was release in 2020 and is England during the 19th century.  Is a series full of romance and its budget was quite high for being of the period. It must not be cheap to get those changing rooms! The budget per episode was $7 million. Bridgertons series screenshot The Defenders(2017) Before the arrival of Disney Plus; Netflix was in charge of producing several Marvel series such as Daredevil, Luke Cage and Jessica Jones. Later it was time to bring the antiheroes together in The Defenders, an eight-episode. Miniseries that had a budget of 8 million per episode, which had a total cost of 64 million dollars.

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