Non-contact cause a decline in market development, but instead generated new momentum

Non-contact cause a decline in market development, but instead generated new momentum. In the past, it was necessary to attract a large number of people to generate business opportunities. Under the influence of this wave of epidemics, it has instead promoted more “contactless” business opportunities. Due to the relatively longer time at home, many online services, digital learning, and even remote.

The proportion of medical services

Tther services has also begun to South Africa Phone Number increase. Which has led to significant growth in digital marketing, data analysis. And other industries. At the same time, the development of mobile payment, digital transformation. And online business, which has been continuously promoted. The government in recent years, has gradually become mainstream.

The impact of visiting crowds at brick-and-mortar stores has been reduced, and many businesses have begun to turn to online platforms to expand more sales opportunities. Consumers have also turned to online shopping to purchase daily necessities, even in order to avoid visiting places with relatively high crowds. Accelerate the growth of APP online ordering, purchasing and other services.

On the other hand, under the influence of the epidemic, consumers’ awareness. Of public health has continued to increase, more and more items can be traded electronically. And there are more places where mobile payment can be used. The situation has been forced to change. And more and more consumers are changing consumption patterns and behaviors, completing transactions with mobile payment methods, and starting to try new digital technology tools.

The post-pandemic revitalization coupons have also broken through the previous pure paper form, adding the option of digital revitalization triple coupons, combined with digital preferential feedback from various companies. providing more options for electronic tickets and mobile payment.

More work modes have become

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The new normal, and they are more deeply attached to the Internet. Under the influence of this wave of epidemic, not only people’s past interaction patterns have been changed. But also many work and life styles have been changed. Although many companies have been closed down and transformed. Brought new development opportunities. And many of the past have only been planned. The work mode used as a filing will become the norm in the future.

In order to ensure that the continuous operation of official business is not affected by the epidemic. The National Development and Development Council has strengthened remote office operations, focusing on functions such as remote work, official document approval. Remote data access, and encourages colleagues in various agencies to make full use of information and communication technology and remote processing.

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