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How is the start of the year going for our South West bloggers ? Very good for Céline who found a permanent job. Well done ! Jessyca is sick and trying to recover. She takes the opportunity to denounce the curse that you always fall ill on your days off! Anne-Laure is on a temporary assignment Netherlands B2B Lis a negative response for an interesting offer. It’s time to cheer him on! Some take advantage of the holidays like Marion who went skiing in Gourette. France took the opportunity to do DIY, but it was not easy! Djenaï is moving, wish him good luck. In the meantime, no Internet! In the news and expertise section,

How Is the Start of the Year Going

Claire M. tells us that no less than 33,000 agents will be hired this year by the communities. Maybe an interesting track for some? Michel tackles the subject of cold calling . We don’t necessarily appreciate when we receive phone calls, but when we find ourselves in the place of the Netherlands B2B List , things are more difficult… Arnaud presents one of his new creations , a Maison communes emploi formation site. Claire L. dwells on the national interprofessional agreement on vocational training. Important points and useful resources are highlighted. Christophe encourages us to protect our ideas and creations, with supporting resources. It would be a shame to let someone else enjoy the fruits of our labor .

Be Hired This Year by the Communities

Netherlands B2B List
Netherlands B2B List

Morgane asks herself the question of the ecological interest of telework. Wouldn’t it be in our interest to work at home ? Finally, Patricia invites us to relax with really funny extracts from Télé-Bistrot. Odile shares a site of recipe ideas. Please note, it is in English. Fadhila Brahimi – Netherlands B2B Lis your Personal Brand, your digital identity and your online reputation: a good complement to the subject before! Blogoergosum – How to trace your e-reputation on You Tube? : and more generally how to improve your video monitoring. Interesting. Techtrends – Facebook, Google or Twitter, which will be the future reference of the social web? : difficult to say, here are some food for thought. Relaxation Le 5° P – KitKat: The first site in the world where nothing happens: absurd humor for an original marketing campaign. I love. Radeville –

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