News From Job Blogs in the West

This month, western bloggers share experiences and methods . André launches the debate on the meaning of work. Evelyne gives original ways to create a pleasant atmosphere between colleges: a real Cluedo! Touline offers us a method to classify the books of his library. moreover  On the ecology side, Brazil B2B List emphasizes the omnipresence of organic products today. Greg tells us about the creation of a collaborative project where bloggers are committed to the environment: Blogland Warming. Graphic art has many of its talents on the web.

To Create a Pleasant Atmosphere

Ampersand shares one of his favorite photographers. moreover Brazil B2B List some of his favorite photos. moreove Julie exhibits her talents as a graphic designer with the creation of a very successful logo. Marie offers her vision of the color party. Finally, Carole offers us some delicious cookies. Lighter tickets also promise you good moments of relaxation . The “funny job” collaborative blog offers a pleasant moment of reading with fictions on the theme of employment. Grafite shares his pleasure in discovering old newspapers. The imminent arrival of the end-of-year celebrations also inspires bloggers. Clem reports on an interesting Christmas initiative: Mon beau Sapin. Secrassistante proposes to exchange around improbable gifts. Finally, we welcome Julie, writer of columns on stress at work.

Thierry Reveals Some of His Favorite

Brazil B2B List
Brazil B2B List

We would also like to welcome Virginie, expert in road Brazil B2B List safety. Many quality posts have been posted in recent weeks by bloggers in the PACA region . Elisa talks about Monday phobia. Giovanni pushes a rant against the post-job interview response times. For his part, Sylve talks about stress at work. Marylise wonders if she’s a workaholic, and what about you? Useful analyzes and advice with Franck who presents five tips for better referencing of his blog. Who has never got angry at the wheel? Nathalie deciphers the communication code for you while driving. Relax thanks to Magalie who makes us discover an exotic shrub of the most beautiful effect, the Aralia ming. Dom shares his interest in two books and advises reading them. Finally, Mary offers us an early Christmas story

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