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Many quality posts have been posted in recent weeks by bloggers in the PACA region . Elisa talks about Monday phobia. Giovanni pushes a rant against the post-job interview response times. For his part, Sylve talks about stress at work. Marylise wonders if she’s a workaholic, and what about you? Useful analyzes and advice with Franck who presents five tips for better SEO for his blog. Who has never got angry at the wheel? Nathalie deciphers the communication code for you while driving. Relax thanks to Falkland Islands B2B List who makes us discover an exotic shrub of the most beautiful effect, the Aralia ming. Dom shares his interest in two books and advises reading them. Finally, Mary offers us an early Christmas story.After the virtual office , here is the virtual makeover.

Useful Analyzes and Advice

I hope André won’t be too angry with me. Do you want to present yourself in your best light at a job interview? Are you lacking inspiration for your next haircut ? You may not have to spend hours leafing through magazines to finally adopt the “Brad Pitt style” cut which turns out to be catastrophic in the end. The Japanese site Hairtry invites you to try a new haircut virtually. Upload your photo, it will Falkland Islands B2B List be converted to 3D. All you have to do is choose the hairstyle of your choice from those offered. some glassesare also present. The results are very successful, you can adjust everything for more relevance. We only regret the lack of choice offered, and especially the fact that the site is intended only for men.

Have to Spend Hours Leafing

Falkland Islands B2B List
Falkland Islands B2B List

The service being in Japanese, it is better to watch this video Falkland Islands B2B List before trying.The reported traffic is not huge, but it’s still taken. The site can also be a good source of monitoring (but this will be the subject of a future post). who designDigg-likes : Digg-likes allow you to submit your posts to a community to give them visibility. The key is to find those that meet your expectations and your target, without wasting time publishing your articles everywhere. Blogasty, Fuzz , Scoopéo or Who-design are my favorites. Do you want more ? Feel free to check out my list of 100 tools and widgets . The second installment is expectes soon.

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