New Design Tools to Create the Perfect Mobile Email

Not many of us would be surprised to learn that in 2019, the majority of emails were viewed on a mobile device. Our research has found that mobile and tablet devices now account for 63% of all email open rates.

Emails viewed on a mobile device can range from awesome to awful. While an email newsletter might look great on your desktop, it can become hard to read when squeezed onto a small screen. Narrow columns, small fonts, and broken layouts are all common issues.

That’s why we have been busy creating new email builder tools to give you control and flexibility over how your email design displays on mobile.

New mobile layout options

Some of the best looking emails use columns to display images and text in various combinations. On desktop, this is a great way to break up your content and draw your reader’s eye to the most important message of your email. However, when this content is adapted for a mobile device, multiple columns can either appear condensed, in the wrong order, or simply be confusing to navigate.

To help ensure your email design displays correctly on desktop and mobile, we’re introducing new mobile layout tools. When you select a multi-column section, you can choose between three different options for how this content will display on a mobile device:

  • Stack columns (default)
  • Stack columns in reverse
  • Keep side-by-side

Tip: The ‘stack columns in reverse’ feature can be handy when you have multiple columns with text and images in alternating order. When you select this setting for a particular column section, the order of the columns will be flipped in a mobile view. This allows you to choose the order of the content blocks for mobile display.

To learn more about this feature, check out our help article.

The top drag and drop

Drag and drop content into place with the Email Builder, then launch your next campaign.

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Advanced background image settings

A dramatic background image is a great way to make a statement in any section of your email. However, sometimes background images can be tricky when resized or cropped to fit a mobile screen.

Campaign Monitor now has a solution Kazakhstan WhatsApp Number List for this with our new background image settings. When you upload a background image for a particular section of your email, you can choose from two sizing options:

As well as sizing options, you can also now select a focal point. Selecting a focal point will ensure that the chosen section of your image is always in view, even when resized for a mobile device. This is useful when you want to avoid cropping the most important part of the image when it appears in a mobile view.

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Check out the difference this tool can make:

SMS and phone links

We’ve built new functionality allowing you to add a phone or SMS link to different elements of your email design, making it easy for your subscribers to contact you directly.

When a phone link is clicked, the mobile device will dial the linked number. An SMS link will trigger the text message app to open, with the number prefilled. This is perfect when adding a call to action like “Call us now” or “Text to register.”

To create these new links in the email builder, simply add tel: or sms: in the field, followed by the phone number. Don’t forget the country and area code!

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