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A sales pipeline or sales pipeline is a visual conceptualization that establishes the order of your sales process.

As its name suggests, the pipe or “tube” is about the path that each lead will travel until they become a customer of your business.

If you are familiar with the sales funnel of the Inbound methodology

and Content Marketing , you probably already understand what we mean.

a CRM or Customer Relationship Management, since it is a process that

yes or yes must be automated and digitally controlled by the various phases that comprise it. .

Now, a sales pipeline is not the same for every business; in fact, a pipeline can vary from product line to item or even item to item within the same organization.

Which shows how versatile it can be and how useful it is to organize and control the entire sales process.

Still don’t get the idea of ​​what a sales pipe is? Don’t worry, here’s an example.

Imagine that after a user downloads an ebook from your brand, they decide to contact your business for a quote. At that point it has already entered your sales pipe.

The next step would be a meeting to introduce your product and

your company. Later, you make a personalized quote and, finally, you provide the solutions or, directly, solve your need.

Why should you create one?

There are many reasons why a company, whatever its Shandong Mobile Phone Number List size or sector, has to learn what a sales pipeline is and then implement it in its operations.

However, below we will describe the main reasons that will surely convince you of its importance.

  • Visualization : a sales pipeline provides those who manage and are part of the Sales department with a visual representation to show each of the members the stage or the place where each lead is.
  • Forecast Earnings – This tool also contextualizes

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  • sales managers and reps about potential earnings, to the point of being almost predictive , by pinpointing leads late in the pipeline and buying them with patterns.
  • Cooperation : Puts all teams on the same page when dealing with a contact, allowing for greater group synergy and closing the most business opportunities.

A lead will move through the different phases of the sales

pipeline according to their interest, needs, problems or how

much knowledge they have of the solutions provided by the company.

There is the possibility of obtaining leads that will “skip” stages

Of the pipeline, especially if, before reaching your business, they already

recognize their need and know what is the asset that will help them solve it.

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