Navigation And Structure Of The Poland Phone Number

Then we go to the supermarket, we find signs that say

Fruits and Vegetables, Drinks, Frozen Foods, Hygiene, among others. If we go to the Hygiene section, for example, we will see the

products separated by Deodorant, Soap, Toothpaste, Shampoo, among others.

website can be said to be organized in a similar way .

We separate products or content into categories and subcategories following a hierarchy. They are available in menus, for the user to navigate according to what they are looking for.

In other words, using supermarket departmental signs as

a guide to design site navigation, where the division of the store into sections and subsections, and the choice of their respective names, is equivalent to the structure of a website.

Let’s use as an example.Amazon . com as an example.

There is a global navigation menu, with options Poland Phone Number related to purchases (Stores), Your account and daily offers. Within the “Stores” menu, if we go to “Books”, we see more subcategories (All Books, Books on Sale, Best Sellers, among others).

When we click on “All Books”, we are directed to a specific page, with offers and a local menu, where the user can access titles by genre, author or publisher.

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You can see how Amazon was careful not to put every

possible option on the same menu. The navigation clearly goes from a broader category to a more specific one.

In addition to helping users understand what the site

has to offer and allowing them to go where they want

tiering and sub-tiering helps search engines understand the context and relevance of your pages .

Therefore, focus on simplicity by avoiding building

elaborate menus . Instead, group the contents or

products with the appropriate division of categories and subcategories. If you encounter difficulties in

this process, information architecture will be of great help.

2.Content layout

It is already well known that the quality of SEO content is one of the most important factors for the Google algorithm. Therefore, value the information your site has to offer.

Keep in mind that on the web, we compete for the attention of the user, who probably has several other tabs open in addition to your page. In this context, where every visit to your site can be considered a victory, we must focus on the content and not create additional distractions.

Therefore, always think about helping the reader find what they are looking for by balancing text, visual elements and white spaces so as not to neglect the content.

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