Music As A Lifesaver Undoubtedly

It was a period of many deaths around the world and the one of greatest uncertainty regarding the future of society. . In Mexico. the pandemic had a great effect on unemployment. so much so that. as of today. there are more than two million people without work. according to data published by the National Institute of Statistics and Geography (Inegi). If we add to this the fact that. currently. there are more than 200.000 people. officially. who have lost their lives due to Covid-19. we are talking about a period of very broad crisis. from the emotional to the work-related. Perhaps. for many. an escape from the daily news and the fear of catching this new virus. a refuge was art in different expressions.

In this sense. the National Survey on Habits and Cultural Consumption 2020 recorded that. at the beginning of this 2021. 70 percent of those surveyed about their cultural habits during the pandemic mentioned that their number one activity was listening to music. A new horizon for brands? In times where digital has become a first-hand use. brands have now also focused on that market. To mention an example. ahead of the Tokyo Olympics. advertising has focused on the digital part. with social networks being where the greatest consumption can take place. Now. with this series of data on the increased consumption of people during the pandemic. which. by the way. is not over yet.

It Could Become A New

Niche for brands when it comes to finding Panama phone number target audience. just as they have done on other platforms like Instagram. TikTok. among others. Appropriate music: the key to an effective neuromarketing strategy. know its benefits Streaming music grows: Misik tells you who’s who in the sector BTS has achieved their first billion views on the song Dynamite on Spotify thanks to their marketing strategies. BTS ‘s ” Dynamite ” song has managed to position itself as the first and only song made by a Korean band to reach 1 billion streams on the Spotify platform .

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How did it do it? According to the study provided by Statista where the most important K-pop artists worldwide in 2019 are shown. we can find that the group of Bangtan Boys ( BTS ). was already leading the list in the survey carried out in 111 countries According to the Yonhap News Agency website . BTS is one of the most famous groups in the world today as they have managed to break several records and surpass American artists on several occasions.

Even Managing To Position

Themselves as the first Korean group in perform and be nominated for American music awards at the Grammys. Similarly. this Korean group has won the award for best social artist for the fourth consecutive year. In addition to its awards in the pop / rock duo or group categories at the 2020. AMA awards. positioning strategies Achieving such success worldwide cannot be a coincidence. Fama Magazine comments that part of their success is due to the communication. They have with their fans through social networks since they began to be recognized. His fame has reached such a level that he managed to be present at number. Of the Billboard social top for 163. surpassing the record led by Justin Bieber. This was achieved thanks to his video for Boy With Luv .

A video that appeared on Youtube on 12 of April 2019 and that already has the figure of 1.302.615.751 views. They have won these numbers with their songs whose predominant language is Korean. There are times like in Boy With Luv that they sing some phrases in English. BTS has already collaborated with other international artists. According to the Todo de KPOP website . They have collaborated with The Chainsmokers on the Love Yourself album. With Steve Aoki on MIC Drop. Waste it on me and The Truth Untold. Nicky Minaj with IDOL. Ed Sheeran in Make it Right. Sia in ON. Fall Out Boys in the Champion Remix. among others. The importance of the Korean group has been such in recent years that even the leading hamburger company. McDonalds .

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