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Of the exculpatory theses of the Franco regime with respect to the civil war. end of the Spanish Civil War history biography Reus. 1939 Against this revived neo-Francoist. there is a new generation of Hispanics . where the British Paul Preston stands out with his first work on the war (1978) and especially his biography on Franco (1995); as well as other researchers such as historians Sheelagh M. Ellwood and Helen Graham . or in the French case the recently deceased Bartolomé Bennassar . Geneviève Dreyfus-Armand and François Godicheau . In Spain. new voices are added from Julio Aróstegui to Julián Casanova . Enrique Moradiellos and Alberto Reig Tapia.

Among many others. There are also those who work from outside the Academy. local historians who. like Francisco Espinosa Maestre . have made relevant contributions to our knowledge of the period. But. without a doubt. the one who signs the best-known. best-selling. most recent and most referential works is. first of all . the economist. historian and diplomat Ángel Viñas . who has dedicated a huge tetralogy (2006-2009. the last volume with the Fernando Hernández Sánchez) in the Second Republic and the Civil War . as well as different monographic works on specific aspects of the war . with an almost annual cadence. And. secondly . the research signed by the British Antony Beevor stands out for its impact.

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In 1982 in English. he took advantage of the Cambodia phone number edition in 2005 to print a much more complete version. which became a real bestseller about that civil war that had theoretically ended on April 1. 80 years ago now . After this Spanish Republican defeat would come. in turn. the entry of the Germans into Prague and the Italians in Tirana. Two sentences stuck in my mind forever. One of them was uttered by a Spanish Republican officer at the Portús border. in full retreat. in response to a French officer who had treated him with pride and contempt: “I wish you to endure as much as we do.” During the French disbandment of May-June 1940. this phrase did not go out of my head.

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As a result of this same dispersal. and in front of a burning village. A Spaniard from one of the pick and shovel battalions said to me simply: “Now it’s up to you”. Pierre Vilar. L’historiador i les guerres . Vic: Eumo. 1991. p. 11-12 Between September 1938 and June 1940. Europe imploded into a new continental war fueled by fascism and Nazism and facilitated. By the mistakes and fears of Western democracies. While Spain was just experiencing the criminal war that the great counter-revolutionary coalition. Led by General Francisco Franco . had imposed in July 1936 against the constitutional power. Represented in the Second Republic . In Europe Italian fascism and Nazism were carried out.

Step His Expansionist And Aggressive

While in France and Britain he went from appeasing these fascisms and. “Before Hitler to Stalin ” to the urgency of trying to close an alliance with the Union. Soviet to curb German and Italian aggression. It was all in vain. Fascism . in its Spanish version. made up of Catholic fundamentalism. radical nationalism and Falangism . won the war in March 1939. Immediately a double process of brutal repression and mass exile began; Catalonia suffered unique consequences. Prague and Tirana fell in the spring of 1939 at the hands of European fascists. The Soviet Union bet on its survival. The United States was watching it from afar. Nothing and no one could. or did not want to.

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