Most of the Articles That Discuss Seo Are Mostly

So how can we make sure our website is ranked first? The answer is that no one can be sure. Many articles that have a quantity or number of words loaded there are also articles that only have a few words loaded. But both have different qualities, so google’s algorithm will determine which ones are eligible Hong Kong Phone Number to enter the top ranks of searches. However, the excess of the number of words loaded will have a long life in the search and will not be displaced by other articles.

Every algorithm change, no one

can determine what criteria can make our articles enter the top rankings. Likewise, even an seo master may not be able to ensure that his content can  survive in the top search results. This makes the competition even tougher but don’t worry even beginners can maximize their content so they can rank first.

Most of the articles that discuss seo are mostly just speculation, only a few are almost applicable to get the first google search rankings. Many say the bottleneck of an seo master is the ever-changing algorithm changes.

But don’t worry, the next step is 100%

Hong Kong Phone Number

safe to be able to get first search rankings, because this

is often applied and considere by seo experts to create their content. Ok, let’s see the next step.

Implementation of seo conducting keyword research

2. Doing keyword research that will be targete
before creating content, of course, we must first know

the niche of our website. For example, our website has a niche market for website creation services , so here we have to know what keywords we will aim for first. Currently there are many tools that we can use

to do keyword research such as google keyword

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