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Humorous, or sneaky, it’s a way to convey your personality. No one is going to like or hire you, but for the right person for you, give them a reason to feel and maintain you and remember you and help you Make sure they think of you when you need it first. Start small and build as you progress.


For me, I started speaking at local events and then submitted

suggestions to speak at national industry conferences and trade fairs, and finally at global events. The same advice applies to starting with a small publication and writing to reach a larger audience up the food chain. People need to be on LinkedIn so they can find it too. It adds credibility and

transparency when you know the people you meet or work

with. LinkedIn is more than just an online resume or Rolodex, it’s the foundation for building credible relationships in the digital economy. You don’t have to blog or participate in all social media platforms, but make sure you’re active where you are. If your Netherlands Phone Number customers don’t use Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to find you, you don’t have to prioritize them. LinkedIn is of paramount importance to many professional services businesses like me. These ideas don’t require a big budget, but they do take time. Doing this right is a wise investment. Page Arnov Fen Page Arnov Fen Paige

Arnof-Fenn is the founder and CEO of Mavens & Moguls, a global marketing and branding company based in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Her clients are Microsoft, V! It is included. irgin,

The New York Times Company, Colgate,

Netherlands Phone Numbers

venture-backed start-ups, and nonprofits. She graduated from Stanford University and Harvard Business School. Page is a popular speaker and columnist who wrote for entrepreneurs and Forbes. Access Mavens & Moguls h/creative-ways-to-use-social-media/#quote-PaigeArnof-Fenn Copy the link Get the

customer’s attention Unless it’s unique enough to get their attention, it’s rarely a common practice for someone to stop and look at posts on social media. Today’s businesses need to use more sophisticated and creative tactics to catch the eye on social media

content. One way to do this is to use video. Social media channels are flooded with both paid and organic posts that follow common templates (a few lines of text, including still images). By including video in social media rotations, businesses can break through the masses. It does not have to be a highly produced or edited video.

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