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Good morning! Day one of our smx advanced conference is here, and it’s starting with a change of pace: our traditional google main conversation kicks off today, rather than being the last Russia Mobile Number session of day one. Our founding writer, danny sullivan, will chat for about an hour with gary illyes, webmaster trends analyst at google. We have Russia Mobile Number front-row q&a spot, so if you’re not here with us in seattle, plan on tuning in as i try to follow our live blog below. It’s scheduled to start at 9:00 a.m. Pt, so i’ll be back with more smx advanced. Stay tuned! (update 8:55 a.m.

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Pt: we’re hearing gary is battling morning traffic in seattle, so we might be a little late to start.) alright, and at 9:05 a.m., after a few welcome/housekeeping announcements, we’re Russia Mobile Number good to go! I will use ds to refer to danny sullivan and gi to refer to gary illyes. Ds: what is the secret to ranking on google? Gi: it’s been the Russia Mobile Number same for 20 years. First, you create great content. Next, you want to get links. Next, you want to market your content. People forget that last step. Ask your friends and network to tweet your content.

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Russia Mobile Number
Russia Mobile Number

Ds: what is the status of the mobile first index? Gi: there will be a session on that later. If you join Russia Mobile Number us there, you will get an answer to that. Ds: why do you even need a mobile-first index? Why not have a single index? Gi: because everything is mobile. It seems Russia Mobile Number very strange, but now we have a desktop index. The moving index is a moving first index. Gi: this was a near-standard quality update. It is Russia Mobile Number very closely related to the quality section of the webmaster guidelines.

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