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At the end of 2015, google confirmed what many of us already suspected. Mobile search had officially overtaken Chile Mobile Number desktop computers worldwide. Smartphones and tablets have completely disrupted. And forever changed what was once a fairly linear shopping journey. These days, a consumer can fall into your funnel at any time, from any Chile Mobile Number channel. And it can be after an unknown number of touchpoints across platforms and devices that you don’t have. Seen happen. They read reviews, are exposed to organic and paid social networks, seek nearby answers. For their immediate needs and more. Increasingly, consumers are doing all of these things from a mobile device.

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Recent research at brightedge (my company) shows that 57% of all online traffic. Now comes from Chile Mobile Number mobiles and tablets. Couple that consumer insight with the knowledge that google’s. Mobile-first algorithm is coming, and we marketers have some work to do. In this column, i’ll share the results of our recent google serps mobile vs Chile Mobile Number desktop research. And you’ll learn how to test your seo and content marketing strategies on google to prepare for what’s next. Why is mobile important Chile Mobile Number as the shift to mobile has accelerated, we’ve discovered. New ways to determine what it really means in terms of real, measurable business impact.

Preparing Now Chile Mobile Number

Chile Mobile Number
Chile Mobile Number

One of these insights from our recent research helps us assess. How important mobile is to google. We’ve been tracking google’s experimentation with the mobile-first index since its Chile Mobile Number announcement. In 2016, and what we’ve learned might surprise you. We tracked serp listings data for nearly 25 million keywords, and what Chile Mobile Number we discovered was that 79% of listings rank. Differently on mobile and desktop devices. For ads in positions 1-20, 47% had mobile and desktop Chile Mobile Number rankings. That weren’t the same. Additionally, we found that 35% of the time.

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