Millioneo: Become a Millionaire in Another Currency

Who hasn’t dreamed of becoming a millionaire ? Starting from this principle, the Millioneo site offers you not to earn a lot of money but to see your bank account in a different light. Indeed, there is a good chance that you will already be rich… in another currency. So why count in euros when Zimbabwe dollars make you a billionaire? To use the site, enter the amount you have. The site will start by France B2B List countries and currencies in which you are a millionaire or billionaire . Details of equivalents are available. 10,000 You will also be able to see what you can afford with this sum. How many divorces, tons of beets, chopsticks or text messages can you get? An existential question will soon be elucidated. purchases It is always important to take a step back during difficult times.

There Is a Good Chance That You Will

There is no doubt that Millioneo will help you with this. So, in which currencies are you millionaires? The debate of the month on telework continues on the platform, with the testimony of Xavier de Mazenod , internet consultant who left the Paris region in 2003 to settle in the provinces. In his luggage, an original project, Zevillage, the telework site , a support structure dedicated to teleworkers. This France B2B List is an opportunity to discuss this initiative in more detail. More generally, you will also find information on the interest of teleworking , its advantages and disadvantages. Needless to say more, everything is in this very enriching interview.

This Interview Is an Opportunity

France B2B List
France B2B List

Good reading ! village Can you introduce us to zevillage? It is a project France B2B List to help the installation of teleworkers in rural areas, in the department of Orne (near Alençon, a city quite close to Paris). When I arrives, I started by making a website to explain that it was possible to settle in rural areas and to help people to do the same so that they were not “lost”. The system consists of having newcomers sponsored by a local elected official or a resident and integrating them into a club that brings together established companies, recently or not, that show a particular interest in ICT.

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