Digital Identity, Challenges and Risks, by Rémy Bigot

Rémy Bigot ‘s intervention brings this special digital identity week to a close . I hope it will have fascinated you as much as me. A summary will be published in the afternoon, before the summary of the Debate for the month following its course. Don’t hesitate to participate if you haven’t already! The final word is therefore for Rémy, blogger on E-commercial , we marketing manager China Business Fax List consultant. He summarizes for us the need to take care of his online identity and evokes the legal vagueness around this important question.

He Need to Take Care of His Online

Protecting your digital identity will become more and more crucial in our different lives. The web being a real open book on us , it goes without saying that we must now protect ourselves so as not to suffer the pangs of a poor quality digital identity. The current legal vacuum To date, no law specifically protects your digital identity! A bill was presented to the government in 2006, which rejected it China Business Fax List that it was not necessary to modify the legislation on this subject. Identity theft is only a criminal offense in very specific cases of use of a false identity, that is to say in an authentic act or an administrative document intended for the public authority or for have a criminal record drawn up, for example. So protect yourself!

Digital Identity Will Become

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How to avoid the inconveniences linked to a bad digital identity? Take the lead! Who better than you can talk about you? Learn how to manage your digital identity, by building it. I advise you to highlight your CV , your skills, your professional life. The ideal would be to keep a blog, to i  China Business Fax List to the digital world! Thus, YOUR content will be available by typing your name on a search engine. Make compromising things about you private (your personal Facebook account for example, with photos of you drunk ^^). In a word, manage your identity, and show yourself in your best light! She will do you well. Sources to go further on the legal void related to digital identity: Blog lawyer – Digital identity theft (first failure in 2005) Doyoubuzz – Digital identity theft, soon to be punished by law? (new proposal dating from last November)

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