Media Mix

The media mix can also be classified according to the Bulgaria Mobile Phone Numbers degree of control, cost and investment. In this way, the organization can, in a realistic way, define the overall strategy and specific sub-strategies. It is different to own a media, rent a space, benefit from a word of mouth, which, thanks to the web, has reached dimensions that were once unthinkable.

According to this logic, they distinguish:

  • Media owned (owners) . Media owned by the organization, over which the control is total; to be effective they usually require an important investment, not only from a financial or technological point of view, but above all from a strategic and organizational point of view, requiring a strong commitment from top management and constant updating, as well as maintenance and evolution. Some examples of proprietary media are the website, the blog, the eCommerce , the newsletter, to remain in the field of digital communication; extending to offline, media owned tools such as company brochures, books or editorial or celebratory publications, etc.
  • Media paid (for a fee). Vehicles owned by third parties that rent space to advertisers for a fee; among the traditional paid media we find television, periodicals and newspapers, billboards ; Internet media can also rent space, for a fee, in different forms and methods (often dynamic and automated as we will see below) to advertisers.
  • Classification Based On The Level Of

  • line advertising fully falls into this category. In this case, of course, the degree of control is less than that of proprietary media: the advertiser controls the contents of his space, but not, except for exceptions, what happens around, in the other sections or pages or areas of the medium. In the mass media (television, press, radio, etc.) the investment is very high, the cost per contact is low, the degree of segmentation is low. On online media (newsletters, social media, search engines, banners on sites, etc.) , the investment is much more modular and scalable (i.e. you can start even with relatively low. Budgets, already seeing the first results), low cost in contact (a few euro cents), targeting more selective and precise and, above. All, more traceablean. Performance can be checked by. Setting the KPIs : you can measure. Clicks and the relative cost, track the actions carried out by the target and profile audiences, leads, users in a very precise way.
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  • Media earned . They are the means over which the organization has less control .  parties, who independently decide to. Create or share content ( comments, reviews, articles, videos, testimonials, etc.) concerning the organization itself. The traditional word of mouth (in English word of mouth) has become very powerful, since the web has made available the ability to share one’s thoughts with thousands of people. Social networks, recommendation engines, reviews, blogs,these are just some. Of the media earned by the organization. By not controlling them, the only thing that the organization can do is to monitor them and promptly intervene in the event that incorrect, defamatory or damaging. Content or information is disseminated or, vice versa, establish. A dialogue and enhance positive word of mouth. Some brands have the luck (but also the commitment) of having to monitor the activities of real communities of fans and enthusiasts. Among the various tasks of social listening, there is undoubtedly. The continuous listening to what is said on the net about one’s brand.

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