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Video content continues to conquer the web, and social media is no exception. Accepting 1,200% more stake in social platforms than any other form of content , video  Latvia Phone Number List will undeniably be the cornerstone of social media marketing for years to come. In fact, high-quality video is not easy to produce, and it costs a lot. But when it comes to generating Latvia Phone Number List  engagement, few things are more important than video. A short viral video can not only increase your brand awareness, but also drive a lot of traffic.

Consider Focusing On Vertical And Live

YouTube and Facebook remain leaders in video content marketing. But Instagram and its IGTV also have huge potential. No matter which platform  Latvia Phone Number List you choose, creating videos should be your top priority for years to come. What types of videos are made in 2019? Consider focusing on vertical and live video as they are becoming more mainstream trends. Micro-influencer marketing is becoming more common among brands of all sizes. While working  Latvia Phone Number List with an all-around influencer is expensive, even a startup can afford to promote a business through a micro-influencer.

Micro Influencers Have Seven

A micro-influencer is someone who has a.  Following on social media that is smaller than an influencer . But larger than most average users can boast. These numbers can vary from  reach as influencers, . But their strength lies in their tribal loyalty . And their emotional connection. As one study pointed out.  Micro-influencers have seven times the Latvia Phone Number List  engagement rate.  On Instagram than influencers with more followers. Often, all you need to offer a micro-influencer in . Exchange for a recommendation is a free sample of the product. What not to like?Gone are the days.  When personal communication was considered best for business. Today, it’s all about exchanging instant messages. A whopping 90% of customers . Would prefer to receive a text message.  Rather than a branded phone call. With Facebook Messenger and

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