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Companies It is Becoming More and More Common for Small Businesses to Use Instant Messaging Services to Communicate With Their Customers. This Technique is Known as Conversational Marketing and is Changing the Way Users Consume. Thanks to the Whatsapp Api, Potential Customers Will Not Have to Wait Hours and Days for a Response. The Response Time Will Be Faster and Features Such as Opening Hours, Product Availability, Among Others, Will Be Able to Communicate in a Matter of Seconds. Some of the Additional Benefits Are: Automation and Simplification in Operations Through Chatbots Greater Number of Sales

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Kantar on the Nigeria Phone Number Opinion of Users Regarding Commercial Messages in Spain, 62% of Those Surveyed Affirm That It is Easier for Them to Send Messages to a Company Than to Contact Through the Website , and 70% State Feel More Connected When You Can Communicate Directly With the Company. How to Access the Whatsapp Business Api? In Order to Request Whatsapp Api Access, You Must Enter the Website and Fill Out the Contact Form. Enter the website select the whatsapp .Business platform option click on « learn more. Fill the form meta developers will. Contact you to configure the tool. Everything you need to know about the new .Whatsapp api in the cloud – image 49 1024×585 if you are. A developer and want to try doing it on your own.

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Marketing and Everything That Surrounds It, We Invite You to Join the Master in Digital Marketing Designed to Create Experts Who Master the Most Advanced Traffic Capture and Measurement Methodologies. We Will Wait for You! Master in Digital Marketing Learn the Best Content Marketing Strategies Sign Up! 31 Be the First to Comment Lorraine Ramirez Journalist Passionate About Digital Environments and Technology. Department of Marketing and Communication of Iebs Business School Read More Post Navigation Guide to Sell on Whatsapp Business Mobile Marketing Guide to Sell on Whatsapp Business Are You Wondering if Whatsapp Can Contribute to the Results of Your Company? The Answer is a Resounding Yes.

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