Marsha Kelly Marsha Kelly Marsha Malaysia Phone Number

Kelly is a marketing consultant at Visit Best4Businessesom eative-ways-to-use-social-media/quote-MarshaKelly Copy the link I use Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook to grow my business organi


cally with paid advertising. Pinterest : Create 800 x 1200 graphics called pins to promote your product or blog post . Then place a pin on the keyword board that appears on Pinterest searches. For promoted pins, you pay to boo

st the pins so that they appear more often

on the page. Facebook : Create a Facebook-optimized Malaysia Phone Number image and then post it on your business page. Then pay $ 20 to boost your


post so that more people can see it. Instagram :

The square image I created is optimized by the descriptive keyword hashtag. At this time, we are not paying for Instagram ads. Becky beach Becky beach I’m Becky Beach, the o

wner of, a telecommuting resource for moms. Access Mom Beach quote-BeckyBeach Copy the link Posting to social media storytelling platforms such as Quora and

Malaysia Phone Number

Reddit has gained a more organic reach

than posting to traditional social platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, e

specially after updates over the past few years. Storytelling platforms tend to have longer reach. This means that posting to these platforms will continue to increase traffic to your site months to years after posting, as opposed to Facebook and Instagram, where new traffic from


posts stops getting a little bit. ..

1 or 2 days. Stacy Caprio Stacy Caprio Stacy Caprio is the founder of Growth Marketing. Visit Growth Marketinge-ways-to-use-social-media/quote-StacyCaprio Copy the link Establish thought leadership The most influential thing we did on social media f

or top-class installations was to launch an industry-specific Facebook group. I started a GPS tracking installer with the goal of bringing together scattered industries. As a result of strict industry-only admission policies and well-defined group rules, we were able to


generate an additional 6-digit revenue within 6 months of starting the group. To be honest, it was very simple. All that was needed was group work and daily monitoring. When the size of the group reached 300 members, the content was mainly generated by the members and no longer had to be filled in all the time. People always ask me w

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