Marketing Strategy And You Guatemala Phone Number

Answer: between a text with customer testimonials and images of an interview with them, which one has more credibility?

In addition to the issue of trust, another determining

factor for the success of interviews is empathy. When

we see the person in the video, we are much more likely to be able to identify with them. It is very common to feel closer to the characters when we see

them and not only read their names in a report.

In the case of interviews, there are many options to work on video. We can use the journalistic standard (question and answer, as in reports) or opt for the  talk-show style , which helps to highlight one or another professional of the company.

As in other types of videos, interviews are used for actions aimed at the company’s consumer/customer, and also for endomarketing initiatives.

Internal communication strategies have demanded more attention, so it is important to consider how videos can be used to optimize results. Without hooked employees, how to achieve it with consumers?

As you have seen throughout the text,


there is no shortage of good options for use of Guatemala Phone Number audiovisual materials.

What are the most suitable types of videos? It all depends on the person, the objectives and the available budget.

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Just forget the idea that this is a thing of the future. Video Marketing is no longer a trend, but a reality. YouTube already has more than a billion users worldwide and all the social networks are making a fuss to diversify their businesses with videos.

Do you want to know more about the subject? Read the article we did to talk specifically about  content marketing on YouTube . Let yourself be inspired for your next initiatives!

8. Video case

To understand the importance of the  video case , think about your behavior as a viewer: instead of a descriptive text about a project, wouldn’t it be more interesting to accompany the results through a video?

With the use of the appropriate resources, the exhibition becomes more dynamic, including the possibility of putting on interviews or customer testimonials.

Depending on the project, how about including recordings that demonstrate how the customer interacts with the product or service?

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