Market analysis for multinational companies Saudi Arabia Mobile Number

The second scenario is when you need to accompany you to sell the product . In the second part, when you need to accompany the wine to sell the product, here I quote the concept of energy model , so that everyone can understand the meaning.

First, ask everyone to imagine if a rock was pushed up a hill and then pushed down. Which Saudi Arabia Mobile Number color ball can roll faster and farther (considering friction) Is it a red ball or a blue ball, which can roll farther. It’s the red ball because it’s higher.

To explain it with the concept of the enterprise energy model, you can call the action of pushing up the hillside creating value, and rolling down the hillside as delivering value. Its entire height is actually a concept of potential energy.

When to do demand research

Demand research requires communicating with users to understand their needs. The whole process Saudi Arabia Mobile Number requires not only professional skills, but also a lot of time and energy. There is also a certain cost when choosing a skill.

So when do you need to do demand research, I will give you three scenarios:

First, when you don’t know how to design a solution, you can start trying to do a requirement research. Users are the best source of inspiration, and good inspiration comes from specific needs.

when you need to accompany you to sell the product

Saudi Arabia mobile number
Saudi Arabia mobile number

that is to say: your product does not meet the needs of users. And you must use other ways to meet the psychological demands of users.

If you apply Mr. Liu Run’s words: those wines that have been drunk with customers are the products that did not sweat.

Third, when everyone does the same and starts to divide the profits . When the empty Saudi Arabia Mobile Number demand is more obvious, when there are more and more competitors, the profits are more and more saturated, which will cause the so-called red ocean.

So when these three types of scenarios occur, I remind you that you can start to think about the needs of research, or remember that there is a need for research methods, and then review today’s content.




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