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The Metallica project was presented to celebrate 30 years of their album “The Black Album” . where more than 50 artists from different musical genres would participate. among some of them: J Balvin Miley Cyrus Mon Laferte Juanes Ha*Ash Jose Madero Weezer Marco’s Mac Dave Gahan Proceeds from this new “Black Album ” are said to go to Metallica ‘s ” All Within My Hands ” foundation . which aims to create sustainable communities by supporting the fight against hunger and educating the workforce. This will be officially presented on September 10 with new alternative versions. as well as live songs. This collaboration strategy managed to generate controversy and at the same time enthusiasm for the followers of Metallica . J Balvin . Miley Cyrus and other music fans.

Collaborations between artists have already been seen to increase reproductions. sales and merge followers. however. the new commitment to combine one of the most iconic bands in the history of Rock along with some of the most recognized artists of the current era with their respective musical genres. manages to arouse consumer curiosity. Wherever I May Roam. the collaboration of Metallica and J Balvin J Balvin . one of the most recognized artists of the moment and Metallica . one of the most iconic bands in the history of world Rock . have shown today the new version of the song Wherever I May Roam . Some parts of this song are composed by J Balvin . who is rapping with the background music of Metallica . while the group sings in some time intervals.

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Collaboration already has more than 115.000 views Luxembourg phone number YouTube and is also already available on the Spotify platform . J Balvin has commented on his feelings about the realization of said collaboration with his favorite band. The opinion of the collaboration in social networks Social networks have not been slow to turn this topic into a trend and show their opinion about this collaboration. where the majority think that it does not make sense and show rejection. Although there are also some users showing their support for collaboration . most of them show dislike. Controversy as a Marketing Strategy There is no doubt that bringing together two musical icons that have managed to remain in the eyes of the consumer throughout history will arouse the interest of all those who are followers of both rock and reggaeton.

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Metallica’s collaborations to celebrate 30 years of ” The Black Album ” would not have the same impact on the public if they had not involved these artists like J Balvin in their songs. Although this song and other collaborations may or may not be liked by the fans. there is no doubt that they will generate controversy and therefore reproductions . managing to remain up to date in the topics of conversation of the fans. Related Notes: Fusion of genres today: Metallica with J Balvin and Ha-Ash? Universal Music prepares tribute and networks explode Metallica rewrites ‘Nothing Else Matters’ for Disney movie The price of J Balvin’s Air Jordans rises from 4 thousand to 14 thousand pesos.

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In recent years. we have witnessed the birth of profiles or pages about pets. the “Dogfluencers” who. In other words. lead a peculiar lifestyle In recent years. we have witnessed the birth of “Dogfluencers”. Dogs that lead a peculiar lifestyle and charge thousands of dollars per post. This trend can earn up to $16.000 per photo. according to The Dog Agency. Its large community of followers has made several brands turn to dogfluencers The arrival of the internet. without a doubt. Has completely changed our lives. so much so that today it is part of our daily lives with other people. Thanks to the internet. we can now stay in touch almost all the time. Through a wide range of instant messaging services.

This sense. social networks have also been place as a first-hand use and. in turn. A means of recreation. of “social” meetings and also as a work tool. Likewise. sites like Facebook. Instagram. Twitter. TikTok. among others. Have served for users to have a great interaction with millions of people connected to the network. sharing images. videos. Audios and key moments of their lives. As a result of this. in recent years. the issue of so-called “influencers” has become a very striking phenomenon. Which leaves great profits. thanks to a good marketing strategy. Based on this. four types of influencers can be classified. Which. according to their number of followers.

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