Maps of the web and digital identity

To start the week off right, there’s nothing like maps ! Especially when they are done well. The format changes from the usual standards (lists, tickets, etc.) and offers a simplified but dense reading. You will find a lot of information highlighted . Convenient for following trends and Singapore Business Fax List an overview of a specific subject at a glance. The first map was made by Information Architects . Titled Web Trend Map , it is the fourth in a series updated annually. Its goal is to study web trends through the 333 domains and the 111 most influential people on the web. They are of course groupeS together by business sector.

You Will Find a Lot of Information

It complements the latest episode of 7 Tips from PPC and Henry Kaufman . It also announces the upcoming release of an e-book on the subject which I will have the opportunity. To talk to you about again. It presents 7 points to cultivate its digital identity . Also available on Flickr , made by Singapore Business Fax List blog and seen at Fadhila .What did the bloggers of the Rhône-Alpes region have in store for us this March? First of all, congratulations to Emmanuelle for her new job as sanitation project manager and Claude for his new position .

The Second Card of the Day

Singapore Business Fax List
Singapore Business Fax List

In terms ofThe Second Card of the Day expertise , Teamlog tells us about the employment of disabled workers and “visible minorities”. Jean-Étienne provides information on the various challenges of professionalization contracts. For all Linux lovers, Bertrand reports a blog g Singapore Business Fax List, techniques and information on this subject. Finally, Audrey presents a trend that could well develop soon: sensory marketing. Claude discusses the different places that can host a recruitment interview. Everything is possible ! Need information ? Cloé marks the week of sustainable development. Evelyne continues her anniversary series. After Darwin, it is Einstein’s turn to be celebratES. Let’s end with a bit of relaxation . Music is a universal language, Claire relays a brilliant video bringing together musicians from all over the world. For its part, Buymybrain continues to offer us the most successful advertisements. Here, a parody of the famous Mount Rushmore.

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