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In Brazil,  smartphones surpassed computers  in terms of internet access in 2014, according to  IBGE . And in  IAB  research in 2015, 37% of Brazilians said they watched more videos on the phone than they did a year ago.

Therefore, when you think of mobile video, you are creating

a way to be part of the daily life of consumers, since the mobile and videos are often present in the routine.

2. Conquer attention at the time of purchase

Today, purchasing decisions are not as simple as before. The consumer goes through various channels, transitions between online and offline, consumes different

types of content, evaluates different options, and finally makes a decision.

On this day, the phone works as a  personal shopping assistant , in which the user can ask questions, consult information and see testimonials from other consumers.

Then, videos can also be used in these strategic moments of

decision with the maximum power: they are capable of capturing attention and persuading effectively.

3. Create an emotional connection with the consumer

Investing in mobile video is also a way to get closer to your Jamaica Phone Number audience. The phone provides  a more intimate experience  than the television or the computer, since it is very close to the user — literally in the hand, face to face with him.

According to a  Google search , smartphone users are more likely to feel an emotional connection to brands creating video content than TV (2x larger) and desktop (1.3x larger) audiences.

Therefore, this is your opportunity to talk to consumers and gain their trust, creating emotional bonds in this relationship.

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4. Increase participation in social networks

On Facebook and Instagram, more than 100 million hours of video are watched every day. And, between 2012 and 2015, video uploads on these platforms  grew by 616%  .

The numbers are impressive, right? The one who soon realized it was Mark Zuckerberg and he began to invest in this format within social networks.

For brands, Facebook and Instagram offer the opportunity to increase consumer participation, since  video content is more valued  in the timeline compared to other formats and will gain more attention from the mobile user.

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