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Ourselves to any activity or profession and who with it manage to turn dreams into reality become special people. Today we update our blog. because we are very proud of our CEO. Verónica Ramallal . and her presentation at NetLab . This practical event for online Marketing. Communication and Social Media professionals was held on April 16 in Lugo. The personal brand. how we want to be known in the world of work. whether we have a company or if we want to get a job. will become the key to standing out. What we are. what I want to achieve. what I have and what I need to improve. According to Verónica. knowing ourselves is complicated. sometimes we don’t like to hear how others see us. but once we have completed our personal SWOT we will know how we have to sell our personal brand to stand out from the rest.

But we know that you don’t want to continue reading what Veronica said and that you want to see her. so here we leave you the full video of your presentation.Next week our CEO. Verónica Ramallal. will be back at the Factoría Dixital workshops . developed by the Ribadeo Council. This second phase of the activity. which takes place at the CeMIT headquarters. will include micro-workshops on May 9. 19. 20 and 30. The objective of these activities is to promote innovation by training people and providing new knowledge and skills so that they can develop their projects in the field of new technologies. As in the month of April. the workshops consist of little theory and a lot of practice. Which is really the way in which we think concepts are best learn in this area.

The First Of The Appointments

will be next Monday May 9 and Tuesday May 10 . These two Indonesia phone number a workshop will be held where attendees will learn how to create their own website for their business. personal project or job search. It is an immersion into one of the platforms with which most of the websites in the world are develop: WordPress . On Thursday. May 19 . the Dixital Factory will aim to develop the second part of the workshop on Personal Identity : design of the professional profile on the network. self-knowledge. objectives and emotional intelligence for job search. The fourth of the train pills for the month of May will be held on Friday. May 20 . Videos are essential in communication and digital marketing .

Indonesia Phone Number

During the coverage that we carry out in Pekecha of different events. organize by us. or that are organize by clients but that we cover for them. we publish every detail in all their social networks in multiple formats. Videos on facebook. twitter. instagram… tweet by tweet photos… our goal is to capture every moment and for follower to experience it from their screens as if they were also participant. These are some examples: Video record in the “Caravan of Sensations” in which we work for Arousa Norte Video in Enocións by Ribeiro Video record in the blogtrip.

They Are Videos Record

Live with a mobile device to upload during the celebration of these events. But if the client demanded a higher quality video . for any type of promotion. we could also do it . These are simply examples of our versatility when it comes to covering an event on our clients’ social networks. You know. if you want your followers to live it. really… write us .And if you select that blogger. because of his influence. style… don’t try to condition what he is going to publish. Offer the best and. surely. you will have a great publication and spread on social networks. Give them freedom. However. in blogtrips and paid collaborations. it is important to agree on the conditions. So as not to give rise to unexpected misunderstandings.

Very important Address them denoting appreciation for their work. A blogger who creates quality content and manages a large community of followers… Is a means of communication but with a personal point of view. And if you contact him to advertise your business/destination. It will be that you like what he does… and nobody works for free. Keep that in mind. Because not sufficiently valuing the work of an influencer leads to failure in this type of “relationship”. We leave you a list of some of the most relevant bloggers. associations of bloggers. youtubers… Of travel in Spain: Galicia Travel Bloggers

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