Make the Most Of After-Sales Slovenia Phone Number

Education and respect are characteristics that should

never leave the scene. Think that no doubt is silly or obvious and put yourself, once again, in the client’s place. Would you like to buy something while feeling insecure? We imagine not.

Investing in a good  logistics operation  is one of the main answers to the question of how to sell on Mercado Libre. This is because the better the  product shipping process, the  higher the customer satisfaction.

However, we know that it is not always possible to invest in extremely fast delivery time, especially for small and medium-sized businesses. The way to “turn around” the subject is with sincerity. Do not promise a delivery time and do not meet it, or try to compensate for the delay in another way.

If your product cannot be shipped within a few days, as is

the case with personalized items, clearly indicate this in the listing and make sure as much as possible that the customer will place the order knowing this. Aligning expectations, there is no mistake!

5. Make the most of after-sales

The moments after “closing the cart” matter much Slovenia Phone Number more than it seems. Not all sellers consider this post-sales phase  so you can already start with a good advantage.

Think about the number of people who liked your product, but have not yet recognized it, to the point of wanting to buy again or make referrals to acquaintances.

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A good after-sales action is capable of “hooking” this public very well, offering, for example, a discount coupon for future purchases. The action is very valid for those who sell products of shorter duration, and that generate the need for new purchases.

On the other hand, if you sell cell phones, for example, we don’t expect the customer to come back in a few months to change the device, right? So, it is worth  investing in the after-sales relationship, not necessarily with actions that encourage new purchases  .

4. Have a good logistics operation

A simple email asking about the user experience or possible doubts is enough to strengthen ties with your client. It is also possible to think about offering good conditions for complementary products, such as chargers, cell phone cases or headphones.

In this way, you can  increase the “relationship cycle”  with people who probably would not return to your store to make new purchases.

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