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It is people who in most cases generate access for attackers. To avoid this. it is necessary to focus on clear policies and continuous security reminders. Example of email security policies An unexpected email that has an attachment should not be opened. The password should never be shared with anyone. that includes the manager. the company’s IT person or even your colleague/friend at work. Ultimately. it’s impossible to fully protect your business from cyberattacks. but with some thoughtful controls and strategies. you can minimize the risk to your business. Those of us who use WhatsApp often received a message this week in which the application indicated that our conversations had been encrypted. In addition. it confirmed to us if the conversation that we were going to have with our contacts was encrypted from one side to the other.

That is. if our interlocutor also had encryption activated. It seems that we are talking about the CIA or espionage. But these are the encryption keys that WhatsApp has performed: The encryption of this popular mobile application means that it is impossible. according to WhatsApp. for a third party to access the content that we share with our contacts. They guarantee that even they themselves will not be able to decrypt the content sent through their application. thanks to a protocol called Signal and designed by Open Whisper Systems . All messages. both text. audio and images; They carry a unique encryption.

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Or create special secret chats as this encryption Italy phone number the possibility that third parties can decrypt such codes. The encryption update cannot be deactivate since the mobiles must have the most recent version of the application. Data: WhatsApp is an application owned by Facebook and has 1 billion users worldwide. Open Whisper Systems is a community of volunteers from around the world dedicated to developing open source software that is freely available to anyone who wishes to modify or redistribute it. Coincidence or not. a few weeks ago the FBI asked Apple for help to access data from an iPhone used in the attack in San Bernardino. California. in late 2015.

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Although WhatsApp has not previously consult its users about the implementation of this encryption system. the decision has been well receive on social networks and by organizations such as Amnesty International. which describe it as a “great victory” for freedom of expression. Easter is the first long break of the year. Since we finished Kings we are already thinking about these little vacations. But what do the polls reveal about what we will do this week? infographicsemsanta Curious or not. the Acceso consultancy has analyzed our trail on the Internet. The comments.

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We have uploaded to the networks and that reflect that in Spain the processions are not the most commented topic by the users of the social networks. but rather. as we mentioned before. what interests us are HOLIDAYS! Thirdly. we worry about what we will eat during these days. We are beings of small pleasures. As expected within the star destinations by Autonomous Community this Easter is Andalusia. Castilla y León and Madrid. And since we Internet users do not only live on networks. Mobile Apps have opened a new world to the monitoring of processions. Here we leave the most striking.According to experts on the subject. Semanantera is the most complete.

It doesn’t matter if you run out of coverage or data. Its update for this year brings the live view on the map with augmented reality. iCofrade: this App also has all the information about Holy Week 2016 and has a ranking of the brotherhoods. schedules and processions. Also. it includes a tool to share news through Twitter or the GPS location of the steps. The information that it offers us has the processions of Malaga. Seville. Cordoba. Murcia or Granada. reaching up to 12 in total. CigarraGuía is another application that has managed to get more than 40.000 downloads.

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