Loading The Created Extension USA Phone Number

When you start developing an extension, you need to include it in your browser to see how it works when you’re writing a line of code. To do this, follow these steps:

Go to chrome: // extensions and open the Extension Manager page.
You can also click the Chrome menu, hover over More Tools, and select Extensions to open it.

the Load Unzipped button in the upper USA Phone Number left corner of the window and select the extension folder.
the toggle button in the lower right corner of the expansion card to activate the extension.
Load the created Chrome extension in developer mode
Load the created Chrome extension in developer mode

Debugging loaded extensions

When the extension is running, it should be tested and debugged. This means that every time you make a change, especially when you change the manifest.json file, the extension will be reloaded. In this way, you change the behavior of the extension as a whole and the resources you load within the extension.

To facilitate debugging, Google has carefully created the ability to reload extensions on the go by clicking the circular arrow in the lower right corner of the Chrome: // extensions card.

Many times through your work you make mistakes and you will need to learn from them. All errors (following this implementation) are logged to the Chrome browser console and a backlog is maintained.

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Other FAQs

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