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The questions and answers that appear here are not direct quotes. I am paraphrasing sullivan’s questions Latvia Mobile Number and illyes’ answers, as well as my Latvia Mobile Number interpretation. Of what was said (and including additional context where appropriate). I also omitted some content from the session. Illyes has no idea, but Latvia Mobile Number he notes that snippets are very important to google. They want the quality to be really high. And one consideration that people don’t normally think. About is that in some cases (e.g. Voice search results) answers can be read aloud.

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This example is one of my favorites because it comes from a dutch primary school. Newspaper! Sullivan Latvia Mobile Number then asked how to get snippet data in search console. And illyes said they had been working internally on a project to report on it. But it was blocked from being released by google superiors. (it was fascinating to get a glimpse Latvia Mobile Number into the inner workings of google. In fact, internal politics are an issue there. Just like at any other company!) illyes said the basic way. To get a feature like this would be to convince google management that it would help publishers create better content.

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Latvia Mobile Number
Latvia Mobile Number

From my perspective, i think search console data on featured snippets will do just that. Here is my Latvia Mobile Number reasoning. Featured snippets are chosen because they provide a clear and precise answer to a user’s question in a search query. And the user’s overall experience with the page generating the answer is quite positive. Knowing Latvia Mobile Number which pages meet this standard will help publishers identify their best content. This will then give. Publishers a better understanding of what the best content looks like in their market niche. And therefore what they need. To do to improve content on other pages on their site.

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